Cunningham Haight Mixed Media

Artists Statement

Betty Haight and Stephanie Cunningham create collaborative paintings called "Duets". Each artist works independently and they join their finished canvases together to form one united piece.

Stephanie paints soulful landscapes, providing a moody environment for Betty’s figurative work. The attraction of working collaboratively is the opportunity to blend opposite points of view. Stephanie creates a story line for each finished Duet painting. This leads the viewer to the possibilities of interaction between the figures and their environment. The "story tag" is attached to the back of each canvas.

Finally, the finished "Duet" is framed with pieces of scrap wood embellished with paint and paper left over from the materials used in the creative process.

"Duets" are shown at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach. You can also view their work on the movie set of "The Proposal" staring Sandra Bullock, in "The Last Song," a Nicholas Sparks film, and on episodes of the TV series "The Young and the Restless,", in a Barbara Streisand 2012 film titled  " The Guilt Trip"     as well as    2017 Katherine Heigl film " Unforgettable".

Young and the RestlessThe Proposal
"Duets" as seen on sets of The Young and the Restless and The Proposal
Kaiser HospitalResidential Installation
Installations: "Duets" as seen at Kaiser Hospital and a private residence


    “Your beautiful painting continues to speak to me. No, it sings to me. I can’t describe the feeling, but I really love her. Everyone in my family who comes to visit immediately says ‘this painting was meant to be here.’ It’s perfect” L. Simon

”I am really enjoying both pieces of art I purchased from you. I have even been spending more time that that room because of them.” M. Moen
“I was excited to have met you both and see your talents displayed on canvas. It appears that your collaborations are very joyous and infectious in terms of ideas begetting ideas x 2 and the enthusiasm you have for your work and each other.” D. Powell
Every Painting Tells a Story